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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  March 19, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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kill three paratroopers in different attacks last week. president sarkozy suggested one person was behind all three attacks. all the shootings happened in the tuluse region in southern france. >> reporter: the news that this is the same 45 caliber weapon in this attack as in two previous shootings is crucial because it raises concern among french officials that they may be dealing with a serial killer. this latest shooting happened around about 8:00 this morning in the tuluse area of france. the shooter got off a motorcycle and simply opened fire outside the jewish school. four people have been killed including three children. >> we stand with the victims of this attack and offer our condolences to their families and communities. we join the government of france in condemning this unprovoked and vicious act of violence. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say that children were running into
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the school in terror. it is simply the third of three attacks that we have seen last thursday that a shooter opened fire on three members of the french military standing at an atm. one of the questions for french investigators is whether or not this is the same shooter and whether or not they are racially motivated or whether or not there is some sort of political motivation. the prosecutor's office says it will investigate terrorist links to monday's killings and the previous killings. president sarkozy is describing it as barbary, savagery, and cruelty that cannot win. hate cannot win he says. back to you. officials in france say they're looking at racism as a possible motive in all this. that's because the victims at the school were jewish. the soldiers were of caribbean and north african descent. the attorney for the soldier accused of murdering 16 afghan civilians says he expects the
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most severe charges to be filed against his client. staff sergeant robert bales and his lawyer had their first face-to-face meeting today on his way in john henry brown also said he expects charges to be filed on thursday. bales is accused of killing 16 civilians, many of them women and children during a night time rampage last sunday. he was flown to fort leavenworth, kansas and now is being held in solitary confinement there. a maryland national guardsman killed in an attack on a government building in afghanistan last month will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. major robert marchante was from baltimore and was shot in the back of the head in a taliban organized attack that followed the burning of a koran on a u.s. military base. a public funeral service was held in baltimore today. tomorrow there will be a funeral procession from baltimore to arlington. it begins at 5:00 a.m. as is expected to impact traffic on the beltway. in prince george's county
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this afternoon more than two dozen students were taken to a hospital after three buses on which they were riding crashed into each other. the buses rear ended each other this afternoon. it happened along croom road in upper marlboro. investigators say all the buses had just left frederick douglas high school and collided while they were waiting for traffic to clear at route 301. all of the injuries appear to be minor at this point. a couple of the kids though weren't taken off the buses on stretchers we're told as a precaution they were taken off the buses on stretchers. in politics all eyes on illinois the big swing state. tomorrow the republican primary there is another test for mitt romney. we are told that he needs a big win. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: illinois looks ideal for mitt romney, a moderate state with lots of delegates. 69 up for grabs. and a diner in springfield, the republican front-runner claims he's on a roll. >> these pancakes are as large as my win in puerto rico last
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night. i must admit the margin was about as good. >> reporter: romney won more than half the votes yesterday and all 20 of frederico's delegates. at the chicago economic club romney tried to fire up young voters. >> you guys ought to be out working like crazy. for me and for people like me, conservatives who want to keep the cost of government down and give you a brighter future. thank you. >> reporter: but rick santorum is still running down romney. he is uniquely disqualified to go out and make the case against obama care. because he has developed the blueprint for obama care. >> reporter: party leaders are not pleased with the nasty back and forth. >> we are not going to be successful in replacing an economic lightweight with another. >> santorum's delegate count 184 is lightweight compared to romney's 443 but santorum is vowing not to quit. today making the admission sure to startle some that his crusade is not about the economy or for jobs. >> we need a candidate who is going to be a fighter for
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freedom. who is going to get up and make that the central theme in this race because it is. i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. it doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: delegates matter and santorum seems sure to win some tomorrow. so does mitt romney. the illinois primary is proportional. almost guaranteeing the race will go on after tomorrow. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. rick santorum later clarified that remark about the unemployment rate not mattering to him. what he said was that he meant it in terms of his candidacy. he said in his words of course he cares about unemployment. the family of a woman killed last week by her estranged husband is hoping her tragic death might help save somebody else. he apparently killed heather mcguire in a car in kensington last tuesday morning. surveillance video shows him pushing her into the road in the middle of rush hour. then he later killed himself. mcguire's family says for years
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she and her parents have had protective orders against gilberty who was arrested and released twice by a montgomery county judge in the days right before killing her. her mother says the system let her down. >> i couldn't believe that he walked out of that courtroom. no one notified her. i mean, it's just completely unbelievable. >> heather mcguire left behind four children, her family wants to make changes in the law that could help other women. police say gilberty had a significant criminal history including assault. police in the district are investigating reports of an attempted abduction this morning in northeast d.c. police say it happened near 62nd and bank street about 9:00 this morning. that is very near the prince george's county line. a man reportedly tried to snatch an 11-year-old girl there. police are looking for a
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suspect. he may have been wearing a white tank top and gray or black slippers. that child was not injured. d.c.'s inspector general says the city's water agency intentionally misled the environmental protection agency about lead in d.c.'s drinking water. between 2001 and 2003 the city saw a spike in the amount of lead in the water. d.c. water agency blamed it on a new chemical used in the treatment processes and they claimed that levels went down after switching back to chlorine. the inspector general found d.c. water stopped testing in some areas where there were higher levels. that they did we are told in order to meet the goals of the epa. the cherry blossom festival won't officially start until tomorrow but the crowds are already out in force enjoying the blossoms. tomorrow is the start of the three-day peak bloom period. we're live at the tidal basin with more on what you need to know if you're heading down
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there. melissa, looks like to me the cherry blossoms have already started peaking. >> reporter: yes, i think this is it. i think after the newscast you have to come right on out here. it is beautiful. this has to be one of the best parts of my job. take a look behind me here. a beautiful but very busy day here at the tidal basin. trees are in bloom. the weather is fantastic. everyone here is lucky to see these flowers. they're already a week early. >> we come out here every spring and paint the same tree. >> reporter: each year the branches get a little closer to the water but this artist says the tree is just as beautiful as it was when she first painted it seven years ago. she is just one of 1 million people expected to come see the trees this 100th anniversary season. it's a season highlighted by a one week early peak bloom. lucky for this father and son though visiting from denmark. >> i've got some tickets cheap from the airline. that's why i'm here. >> reporter: the festival days are set well in advance. this year centennial celebration means the typical two-week
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festival has been extended to five weeks. those coming to town for the festival likely hoping from afar for a few late bloomers. >> they really smell good a lot. >> reporter: if you're planning to come and get a glimpse in person, our best advice? avoid crowds by coming early in the morning. since parking could be tough and pricey if you get a ticket, riding the metro, taking one of the shuttle buses here or grabbing a bite might be your best bet. >> just a highlight every year to come down here. it really is. >> reporter: according to a paper published by scientists at the university of washington, these early blooms may be something we have to get used to. they looked at bloom dates over the past 20 years and say by the year 2080 global warming could mean the blooms pop out a month earlier than what we're seeing right now. >> i've always wanted to come down here and haven't gotten a chance but it was worth it. >> reporter: now if you come
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down here one must have a camera. please do share your pictures with us. e-mail them to us at weather@nbc or use the hash tag d.c. gram on insta gram. we'll share the best photos on air and also in our special section online. let me tell you you don't have to be ans icil adams to get a perfect picture tonight. back to you. >> they are beautiful. thanks. >> pictures take themselves. >> yes. it has been incredibly mild out here so early in march. doug, this is spectacular. >> it really is, jim. one of the warmest marches we've ever seen across our area and just take a look right now. simply gorgeous on this monday afternoon. we saw a fantastic saturday. a few more clouds. a little fog yesterday. then the sun came out yesterday too and we've just continued with this beautiful weather. 74 degrees out there right now. winds out of the south-southeast about 10 miles per hour. no wind gusts to report so that is good news, too.
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very, very nice. that's the way it's going to stay. take a look at the numbers all around the region. right now currently sitting at 79 degrees in culpepper. 77 in manassas. 70 in frederick. right now la plata and waldorf right now at 75 degrees. we are dealing with a few showers trying to make their way through the area with a little system to our north that's going to bring these showers right across our region later this evening. right now they're in toward berkeley and jefferson county and also right around winchester right along i-81 but the same showers will continue to move off toward the east. i'll show you where i think those showers will be for the rest of the evening plus when this pattern is going to change because we all know it's got to change sometime and that change happens in the next couple days. >> all right. thank you, doug. coming up on news 4 a boating trip turned into a dangerous coast guard rescue. we'll tell you how a father and his 6-year-old ended up overboard. there is now a new push to ban suspicious money orders for campaign contributions in the
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district. duchess kate offers up an apology at her first speaking engagement as a royal. a reality show that has captivated thousands of people. some little stars have emerged now. this is cool stuff. >> i can't wait. dan, what is ahead in sports? the hoyas seniors say good-bye after another disappointing loss to the ncaa tournament. peyton manning says hello to the mile high city plus the dirty 30. leron landry is on the move. we'll tell you where the former redskin is headed as news 4 at 6:00 continues.
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in the district today there is a new effort to limit the abuse of unlimited money orders in city political campaigns. a new proposal would ban any money order for an amount greater than $25. money orders are part of a grand jury investigation into city politics. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: some money orders for $500 or a thousand dollars have shown up in a variety of campaigns although money orders can easily hide otherwise illegal cash donations. a federal grand jury is probing the possible use of suspicious money orders in city elections going back to 2003. ward 3 council member mary chay says she introduced legislation tuesday that would limit any money order contributions to just $25. >> i want to make it equivalent
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to cash. you're only allowed to give $25 in cash and we've seen, you know, from recent eveins that the use of money orders can be a device to evade campaign limits. >> reporter: the grand jury is looking at tens of thousands of dollars of contributions by local businessman jeffrey thompson whose home and businesses were raided march 2nd. mayor vincent gray's 2010 campaign for mayor is part of the probe. mayor gray spoke off camera with reporters monday for several minutes and he insisted he would have no further comment on the investigation, an investigation that he initially asked for. he did say he'd support the $25 limit on money orders. the way some city campaigns are financed comes on the first day of early voting for the april 3rd primary. hundreds of voters showed up. some brought in on yellow buses by council member vincent orange seeking re-election against three other opponents. any move to limit money orders to $25 would not have any effect
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on the april 3rd primary. it could be in place before fund raising begins for the november general election. in washington, tom sherwood, news 4. >> council member mary chay plans to introduce her money order proposal tomorrow. several council members have already said they'll support it. a woman who once worked for the d.c. tax office is going to prison after she pled guilty to stealing more than $400,000 in city money. her name is mary zander. she lives in college park. she was sentenced in d.c. federal court today. she is going to spend two and a half years in prison. prosecutors say she got into taxpayers' accounts and entered phony changes that resulted in credits. those credits then went directly into her bank accounts. they say she did this over a five-year period beginning in 2007. as part of the plea deal she'll have to pay back all of the money she stole. really rough surf led to a close call for a family in a
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boat off the coast of florida. it happened yesterday morning. the coast guard cameras caught the rescue of a father and his 6-year-old son. they were thrown overboard into the atlantic ocean near fort pierce. others who managed to stay on the boat were afraid that it would capsize because the waves were nine feet high and the boat was filling up with water quickly. >> the waves are crashing. you know, over our bow of our boat. we kind of just got close enough, you know, we kind of got lucky. he was frantic when we initially got on scene. he was screaming and yelling that he wanted to get off the boat. he just, you know, wanted to get on to our boat. >> the coast guard also rescued five fishermen whose boat was swamped in the same area. some rough seas. >> scary situation for those folks. not exactly rough surf around here. it's been spectacular. >> smooth sailing. >> yes. >> i mean, here it's been so nice but you know things are going to have to change and there is a storm right now that
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is going to make its way our way later this week that yesterday hit arizona. take a look at what the storm -- that storm is heading our way. it brought 29 inches to flagstaff right outside of flagstaff. i'm assuming one of the mountain areas, 53 inches of snow from that storm and the same storm yes ladies and gentlemen will move our way and bring some rain and 65 degrees. but that same storm is moving our way and you can kind of feel it for these guys out there. they have seen a lot of snow out toward northern portions of arizona during the year, this year. one of the few areas that have seen an excess of snow. 76 degrees the high temperature today. low this morning of 56. this is a typical day for late may. this has been fantastic and so far this month we have seen eight days at 70 degrees or higher. that is just how nice it has been out there. temperatures right now still sitting at 74 degrees with winds out of the southeast at about 10 miles an hour. you can see the camera shaking
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in the wind starting to see some gusts upwards of 20 miles an hour but the wind aren't going to be a factor for the rest of the evening. the rain may be a factor for some of you and you folks in martinsburg, maybe around winchest winchester, culpepper, high and dry, temperature near 80 degrees right now. 75 fredericksburg. out toward the eastern shore a couple showers and thunderstorms out that way, too. we'll take a look at the wider view, satellite and radar showing this little spin in the atmosphere. notice this little guy right in here. that's helping to kick off some of the showers and storms in through portions of west virginia and then the seabreeze actually coming all the way across the delmarva interacting with the bay breeze. we're looking at a little bit in the way of thunderstorm activity out toward caroline county just to the east of the bay bridge and just to the east of the chesapeake. let's zoom in and show you what i'm talking about here. you can see thunderstorm activity through portions of west virginia. here is the shower activity we're watching right now. i mentioned those showers along the eastern shore is where they are right there in through portions of maryland but these showers back to the west starting to intensify just a little bit.
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i have not seen any lightning bolts just yet around the winchester area but i would not be surprised to at least hear some thunder as we could see some clouds. also around martinsburg around 81. some of those showers into morgan county, now berkeley and jefferson county, too. and this whole system will continue off toward the east over the next couple hours. so expect those showers to be near frederick. maybe down toward leesburg and blue mont over the next couple hours. you may want to take the umbrellas if you're thinking about heading out and about. here is that one, that strongest storm right around winchester. once again i don't see any lightning just yet at least crowd the ground but you may hear thunder if there is lightning overhead around 81 and over toward route 7 too. heads up for that. warm temperatures? yes. we've seen them across the region and will see them tomorrow and probably through the rest of the week. something else? scattered shower activity tomorrow. we'll really call it isolated on your tuesday. wednesday, maybe a slight chance of some shower activity late in the afternoon but once again most of us should stay on the
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dry side. this is not going to be a big rain event. this is just going to be a shower here and a shower there. most of us as i mentioned should stay dry. this evening partly cloudy. continued warm. 60 to 68 degrees. the best chance of showers will stay to the north of washington as we make our way in through the rest of the evening tonight. tomorrow partly cloudy. still mild with a shower possible. as you step out the door, 49 to 56 degrees. so continued on that warm side. tomorrow afternoon an isolated shower possible. 70 to 75. winds will be light and then here is the next four days. 75 on wednesday. 79 on thursday. 80 on friday. and then that storm finally moves over the area and it does a little damage here. a chance for some rain, maybe some heavy rain into the weekend. temperatures around the low 60s on sunday and low 60s may actually be pushing it a little bit if the storm comes together. we'll have to wait and see. >> don't delay if you want to go look at those cherry blossoms. >> very good point. the whole week is looking great. good call. >> thank you, doug. prince william is scheduled
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to return from military duty in the falkland islands this week but in his absence his wife kate the duchess has been taking the lead and today handled the dedication of a new hospice in eastern england. she is a royal patron for the charity operating the facility and today there was even more pressure on the duchess than usual. she was set to make her first public speech as a royal. >> first of all, i'd like to say thank you. thank you for not only accepting me as a patron. thank you also for inviting me here today. i have all made me feel so welcome and i feel hugely honored to be here to see this wonderful center. >> the duchess spoke for about four minutes and drew chuckles when she said she regretted prince william couldn't be there with her. the hospice is called the tree house and it is for children who have life threatening illnesses. coming up tonight a life changing operation for a search-and-rescue dog.
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we'll tell you how doctors hope to make retirement a lot easier for the pup called old red. >> maryland's highest court could have a say into whether there will be a same sex divorce in maryland before gay couples can even say i do. we'll hear from a dietician on why all junk food is not the "access hollywood" test. "access hollywood" test. "access hollywoooooooooooooooooo
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somebody with two guns today opened fire at a jewish school in southern france and then got away on a scooter. the man killed a rabbi and the rabbi's two young sons. he also killed a 7-year-old daughter of the school's principal. the french president has raised a terror alert level and he has sent riot police to that area to increase security until the gunman is caught. legislation will be introduced tomorrow to limit the use of money orders in political campaigns in the district. the proposal would ban any money order at a value of greater than $25. money orders are currently part of a grand jury investigation into several d.c. campaigns including current mayor vincent gray. cherry blossoms in full bloom down at the tidal basin. the festival officially opens tomorrow. the trees will be in peak bloom over the next ten days we're told. this year marks 100 years since japan gave the trees as a gift to america. the best way to get there of
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course is to take metro and then the shuttle that runs daily between haynes point and the jefferson memorial or maybe take a bike. a maryland couple trying to get a divorce is finding that calling it quits is harder than saying i do. >> the same sex couple got married four years ago but as chris gordon reports now their breakup has left them in a legal limbo. >> we thought we were very much in love and we were. >> jessica port married virginia ann cowan in california in 2008 when it was legal for same sex couples to wed there. port and cowan moved from d.c. to maryland after a couple of years they mutually decided to file for divorce. because it was uncontested they were told they didn't need lawyers. then a judge in prince george's county court denied their request for the divorce. >> the fact that we were told it was unnatural circumstances and that we received our ruling by mail as opposed to in the courtroom that day, i think all of those things lead me to
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believe we've been discriminated against. >> some opponents of same sex marriage are also against same sex divorce. >> last year attorney general ganzler issued a memo saying same sex marriages from other states should be recognized in maryland. but his opinion as a member of the executive branch is not binding upon the courts and i was happy to see this lower court judge take a different approach. >> last month the maryland legislature passed the same sex marriage bill and governor martin o'malley signed it into law. it legalizes same sex marriage beginning next year but the law must first survive a petition drive for a referendum. opponents hope voters will reject same sex marriage at the polls in november. i asked jessica port if she is concerned at all that the timing of her same sex divorce case could jeopardize same sex marriage. >> we weren't looking to jeopardize the ruling on the same sex marriage. we weren't looking to make any
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waves. we were a couple looking to get divorced and we are still looking to do that. we're looking to have our rights granted. >> reporter: this case will be argued before maryland's highest court in april and depending hout maryland court of appeals decides it could set a precedent, a new statewide standard for how same sex divorces are handled. chris gordon, news 4. >> jessica port and virginia cowan have been waiting a year and a half for their divorce. they both say they want to move on with their lives. two former metro workers pleaded guilty today to stealing more than $400,000 in cash from fare card machines. police arrested horace mcdade and john hale in january. prosecutors say the pair would drop off bags of money on the way to the revenue facility and pick them up after their shift. they say the two spent most of the money buying lottery tickets. police moved in after getting tips about one of the workers buying lottery tickets with bags full of coins. both men face up to 30 years in prison.
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fairfax county police say a man has been posing as an immigration attorney and swindling people out of their cash. luis ramirez was arrested in january and charged with five counts of obtaining money under false pretenses. he post'd video online offering legal assistance. the hispanic bar association says he is not an attorney and he says numerous people have come to his office claiming ramirez promised help with loved ones' immigration cases and promised them things for thousands in cash and then did nothing. >> loved ones were deported as a result of him doing nothing. >> he called back shortly before the newscast to say the allegations were false and he plans to prove it to us with documentation. we'll have an update on the story tonight on news 4 at 11:00. there is new research that shows an increase in the national high school graduation rate. it was presented at the grad
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nation summit in northwest washington today. the research shows a 3.5% increase from 2001 to 2009. also the number of dropout facilities as they're called, high schools that failed to graduate more than 60% of students, those schools dropped by more than 450 between 2002 and 2010. today at the summit at&t announced that $250 million commitment over the next five years to address the dropout rate. >> what we need to do in the united states is recognize this is a competitive environment. if we do not have the best skilled work force in the world, these resources will go elsewhere so it is imperative that we as corporate america, that we as a country get behind this issue and begin to address the dropout crisis. >> the grad nation campaign has a goal of 90% graduation rate by the year 2020.
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wisconsin is the only state that has reached that benchmark although vermont is less than a half percentage point away. virginia is going to let people put their own names on streets and bridges for a price. state lawmakers just approved a bill to sell roads' naming rights. it could cost up to $200,000 to put the name of your choice on a major intersection. $50,000 for a primary road and about $17,000 for a secondary road. vulgar or offensive names will not be allowed. opponents of the bill question its ability to raise substantial revenue for the commonwealth. there is a breakthrough treatment that's helping search-and-rescue dogs in our area. these animals played key roles on september 11th and in other disasters. now stem cell therapy is part of their recovery process. after years of heroic work. darcy spencer has the story. >> reporter: red's first assignment as a search, rescue, and recovery dog was at the
6:34 pm
pentagon following the 9/11 attacks. >> she handled it like a pro. she didn't care about machinery. bob cats were moving the debris and all the people and everybody in their suits looking funny with respirators and she didn't mind any of it and went to work. >> reporter: now the 9/11 hero is in bad shape. all those years of rescue work, not to mention a 12-foot fall from a ladder, have taken a toll. arthritis forced her into retirement in july. >> she doesn't move much. you kind of have to slide her or encourage her to get going. she doesn't really want to go play anymore. >> reporter: today the 12-year-old black lab is receiving a breakthrough stem cell treatment that will ease her pain and give her more mobility. the arthritis turned red into a virtual couch potato. the vet says within two to three months she should be running and playing once again. the procedure was performed at
6:35 pm
the animal clinic where the doctor has done more than two dozen stem cell operations. med evac donated the cost of the procedure. >> depending what the body needs, cartilage, ligaments, whatever they can then transform into those cells that will produce those so it could help healing. >> reporter: the treatment will not enable red to go back to work but it is expected to put the spring back in her step and make her retirement more enjoyable. in burke, virginia, darcy spencer news 4. two other 9/11 search-and-rescue dogs have been treated with the stem cell therapy and we're told they're doing well and back to their normal activity. coming up tonight a very profitable technology giant apple ready to share its wealth. and doug has an important forecast if you plan to head out to see the cherry blossoms this week. coming up in sports the mess in the midwest. hoyas seniors facing a hash reality. peyton has finally made his
6:36 pm
decision. i'm guessing tim tebow is none too happy about it. news 4 at 6:00 continues.
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technology giant apple has gotten so big and it makes so much money that it's ready to spread the wealth around. apple ceo announced a dividend today as well as the stock buyback plan which many see as apple's reward for turning out such popular products.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: the decision by apple ceo tim cook to pay a $2.65 per share quarterly dividend is something the late steve jobs was reluctant to do. >> it's an unsteve jobs like move to give back cash and to pay attention to wall street or acknowledge that he is paying attention to wall street. >> reporter: jobs held on to the cash because he was said to remember too well the extremely lean years of the company he helped create. you about world's most valuable company has made so much money selling ground breaking technology like i-phones and ipads that sharing with shareholders was inevitable. >> tim cook and his crew are going to come up with amazing products and then you're happy. >> reporter: apple's ceo says more amazing products are indeed in the pipeline. this past weekend saw a record sales of its latest version of the ipad. institutional investors are even seeing the shift from hardware to services.
6:40 pm
>> the additional markets they're addressing, it is no longer a hardware company. it is becoming a services company. >> services that include apple's i-tunes and i-cloud. apple's version of digital storage service. even after spending $45 billion for the dividend and stock buyback program, apple still has so much cash that most of it is parked in offshore banks to avoid what it calls excessive u.s. corporate taxes. nbc news. >> what you got coming up? big day in the sports world. coming up we'll talk about peyton who is packing. a big day of movement in the nfl. we also check in with the newest wizard nene. plus, march madness officially march sadness on the hill top. we'll hear from the emotional senior leaders of georgetown. stick around for the best list of junk food alternatives for kids. we'll be right back.
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welcome back everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer with you on another great forecast for you. 74 degrees outside right now. winds out of the southeast at 10 miles per hour. it is simply gorgeous and is going to stay that way for most of us. we are looking at some showers
6:44 pm
and even a couple thunderstorms out there right now but not in this general vicinity. right now 77 manassas. 78 warranton. 70 hunting town and over toward annapolis at 69 degrees. you notice on the radar we are seeing some of those storms back to the west. talking about west virginia, western portions of maryland and now into western portions of virginia including a couple showers and thunderstorms in through frederick county, virginia. we'll take a zoom into winchester. this one could have small hail associated with it. there's some lightning coming out of this storm now along route 7 and 81 just east of winchester. some heavy downpours associated with this. another one right around jamestown along the virginia/west virginia border and then here is yet another shower and i wouldn't be surprised to see lightning out of this one too making its way toward the east over toward shepherds town starting to see some shower activity there. watch out if you're heading out and about especially to the west and the north of washington tonight. there will be more shower activity as you make your way throughout the rest of the
6:45 pm
evening. 50 degrees in leesburg for the overnight low temperatures. 56 in the district. 52 in la plata and 56 down toward fredericksburg so starting off on a pretty nice and mild note tomorrow but once again could be a few showers tomorrow morning. i expect a couple more during the day tomorrow. not a wash out. i expect some sunshine but also some showers here and there. 73 for a high in manassas. 73 in washington. 75 down toward fredericksburg. i'll have the seven-day forecast once again in a couple minutes. >> thanks, doug. so the very best model that the under armor company would ever have is moving north. right? >> you guys love this guy. shaped like a martini glass. he is on his way out. his up and down career with the redskins is over. 3030 as he is calls headed to the big apple to play for rex ryan and the jets. landry has agreed to terms on a one-year, $4 million contract. after five seasons in washington landry wanted to stay with the skins but the redskins signed brandon meriweather and didn't
6:46 pm
make a serious push to re-sign landry. injuries were the main reason why. he missed 15 games over the last two years because of achilles problems. when landry is healthy, he is one of the better safeties. because of hits like that in the nfl the redskins also losing back up wide receiver dante stallworth who has agreed to a one-year contract with the patriots. this will be his second go round in new england. peyton manning made a decision and he is going to be a bronco. manning picked the broncos over the titans and 49ers and really hit it off with hall of famer john elway who is now running the organization. manning is expected to get a deal worth around $95 million over five years. he is 36 years old. with manning going to denver that means tebow mania no longer going to be residing in the mile high city. the broncos will trade tim tebow possibly to a team in florida where he remains extremely popular from his college days.
6:47 pm
man. that was crazy if you remember tebow mania. it was almost as popular as the jeremy lin stuff. >> a few months ago everybody was imitating him. >> what about the nfl? >> not for long baby. >> so he's looking for a new team. you know, when you read the caption in the papers it probably said something like this. georgetown with another early exit from the ncaa tournament or hoyas bounced for the third straight year. but when you dig a little deeper you realize losing to north carolina state should not define georgetown's season. j.t. iii mostly smiles through the first 17 minutes of the game. it looked like the hoyas were on the way to the sweet 16 but the final possession of the first half was a sign that things were changing in a hurry. hoyas turn it over. north carolina state gets the dunk and takes the lead into the locker room at halftime. in the second half the hoyas chipped away at the wolfpack lead, had one final chance. jason clark, oh, man. his last shot just off the mark. georgetown season is over.
6:48 pm
the third seeded hoyas with 66-63 to 11th seeded north carolina state. and for georgetown's senior leaders the loss was a tough pill to swallow. >> it's my last college game ever. you know, i won't ever get to put on this uniform ever again. you know, i think that, you know, it's tough because as much as i put into this program all of my heart, i played hard for four years, you know, it's tough to go out on a loss. especially when you had a very good chance to win in this game. >> the hardest part actually is just i wanted to take these young guys further, you know, give them some momentum for next year. but it didn't work out that way. >> those are the saddest locker rooms after an ncaa tournament loss when seniors realize this might be my last basketball game
6:49 pm
ever. >> tough to take for those guys. >> the women in georgetown moving on after beating fresno state in the first round. they'll face georgia tech tomorrow. second seeded maryland hosts louisville in a second-round game tonight. new wizards big man nene took part in his first workout with the wizards today. he was shocked when he was shipped from a playoff team in denver to the second worst team in the nba here in washington. but when you make 13 million bucks a year sometimes you just have to suck it up. the tenth-year pro averaged 13.4 points and 7.4 rebounds for denver this season. he is in the first year of a five-year, $67 million deal and he is the polar opposite of javale mcgee. this dude is consistent and no nonsense. he is still getting used to the idea of being a wizard after nine and a half seasons in denver. >> i was a little scared a couple days ago but i understand god has a plan and the plan is
6:50 pm
to be here and i'll do everything possible to help the team with the young guys and do what i'm asked. >> new brazilian big man for the wizards nene. coming to the eighth and final playoff spot the capitals back on the ice in detroit tonight where they're trying to win for the first time in three games. last night game three of a five-game road trip for mike knuble and the capitals. caps trailing chicago, 2-0 in the second. here they come. aucoin over to knuble and knuble shoots and scores. that's his fifth goal this season. capitals make it a one-goal game. later in the second black hawks onat tack. pretty passing. kane puts in what would prove to be the game-winner. capitals fall, 5-2. once again the capitals facing another need to win game tonight. what is going on now, fellows? >> maybe a little too relaxed after we had a few wins there
6:51 pm
and saw ourselves in a nice spot in the playoffs and we have to get back to that, everything has to be on. let those pucks bounce in for us. just let it happen. >> just come in tonight and not be able to get one or two points, you know, we're really digging ourselves into a hole and putting ourselves into a tough spot especially going to detroit tomorrow. i know we play winnipeg again next week so it is a long, tough road trip we're on right now but we'll find ways to get points and we have to find ways to put ourselves back in a good spot for the playoffs. >> the capitals still walking the playoff tight rope. and when it comes to nene, the new big man for the wizards, i do feel a bit bad because he was in the playoff team, he has come to a team not playing well. he built his new dream house right after he signed the contract. he just got married to a girl from denver. and now he has to pick up and move. >> he can make a dream house here. >> sure he can. >> especially a million dollars. you can do a lot of things.
6:52 pm
>> your options are wide open. >> thanks. coming up tonight, virginia's family of eagles [ male announcer ] for making cupcakes and deposits at the same time. for paying your friend back for lunch from your tablet. for 26 paydays triggered with a single tap. for checking your line, then checking your portfolio. for making atms and branches appear out of thin air. simple to use websites, tools, and apps. for making your financial life a little bit easier.
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most kids would probably choose a bag of chips or candy over apples or celery sticks but experts say there are plenty of options in between. the best healthy snack foods bare naked trail mix, quaker oatmeal 25% less sugar than granola bars and most items from koshi. a good rule is no more than 3 grams of frat for 100 calories. snacks should max out at 100 to 200 calories per serving. coming up tonight at 11:00 a local university is planning to help the family of trayvon martin the teenager who was shot down and killed by a neighborhood watch leader in florida. also tonight a report on how a funeral procession for a maryland soldier might affect the ride to work for thousands of people around the beltway. also, we'll tell you how so-called skinny mirrors are helping to sell houses.
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it's a trick you might want to know about before you hit the housing market. one more check on our weather, doug. i'd rather have skinny mirrors than fatmirors. >> if your wife says how do i look? look in that mirror. the skinny mirror. right now a couple showers and thunderstorms but a nice day and really a nice evening for most of us. you can see on storm 4 radar most of the area is dry but we'll zoom out to the west through loudoun county, western loudoun also around frederick county and clark county some big storms right there. some lightning associated with those just to the east of winchester making their way off toward the east. another one right to the south and east of martinsburg into west virginia. watch out around shepherdstown around charles town. we'll see shower activity there. most of this will be light but once again a heavier shower with some thunder and lightning just down to the south and east of winchester will make its way toward the east through clark county and eventually trying to get toward loudoun county. 75 degrees for your day on wednesday. 79 on thursday. a chance of some shower or thunderstorm activity once again. friday i'll have 80 degrees and
6:57 pm
then watching a system that could affect our weekend we have to wait and see how much rain we'll get from this system but it looks like the weekend is under the gun as far as the rain is concerned. >> okay. thanks, doug. we'll tell you about a different kind of viral video now. more than 500,000 people have tuned in to watch what they call the richmond eagle cam a live video feed from a camera perched atop a nest in a pine tree 90 feet above the james river. two eagles live in the nest. two bald eagles. they've been named virginia and james. over the weekend two baby chicks were born in the nest. even eagle cam volunteer told "the richmond times dispatch" she ex-pec's the chicks to do very well because their parents never leave the nest unprotected. she also said that male eagles typically do the hunting while the females stay in the nest with the chicks but these two are different. virginia shares the hunting duties and james does his share
6:58 pm
of the chick shift. that is a cool video. thank you for joining us. nightl [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ] i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza®. experience love that lasts. ♪
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